Bored At Home!? Check Out These Freebies For Creatives!

Most of the world is on lockdown meaning they have been recommended to (if not ordered to) stay at home. Nearly all concerts, clubs, and performance venues are closed which has had an impact on musicians and creatives such as videographers that film the musicians. Many software companies have stepped up to the plate to provide free resources and tools for creatives during this time when they are probably stuck at home with more than enough time on their hands. The Verge covers in depth where you can find tons of free software and apps to help you cope with this unusual time.

We are going to highlight a few freebies you should grab ASAP as we don’t know how long these specials will last.

These are just a few of the specials going on right now. Head on over to GearNews for a full list of apps, sample packs, plug-ins and more that you can snag for the low right now.

Not free but also for the low you can grab Serato Studio for $1 for the first month is taking care of you all by offering your first month of unlimited downloads for only $0.13, you read that right, 13 cents! Have you found any deals that are not listed above? What are you doing to pass the time?

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