Terms And Conditions

PLEASE NOTE:  that these files that are downloaded from www.djcavon.com are all compressed in a zip file and are in a MP3 format when they are downloaded initially, it is not an actual CD its self.

So what has to happen is that after you download it and unzip that the files that are downloaded you must have software on you computer that can unzip multiple files. (Most modern computers can do that, if not you need to download something called WinRAR or for Macs a WinZip for Macs or Iphone and IPads or Unrar. They are all free trial versions.

Then you have to either put it on a blank CD yourself or you can put it on a memory stick also.  If you put on a CD or memory stick then you have to have a CD Deck whether it is in your home or car that has the ability to plays back an MP3 format file.

Nowadays most modern car stereos have the ability to play back MP3 files or even have a USB port on them to play back straight from a memory stick. If you have a deck that can play back MP3, then you will need software that can convert the files to .aiff file for regular CD Deck and car deck can playback the CD disc. You can get that from sites like NCH or for Windows

If you do not have the software to complete these steps www.djcavon will not be responsible for the cost to get them after you have completed your purchase(s). You can find free audio converter software at Lifewire.