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Why Every DJ Should Take Notes On Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming’ Performance


Coachella 2019 wrapped up its final weekend of performances last weekend yet all the buzz is coming from last years festival. That’s because during the first weekend of performances Beyoncé decided to drop a Netflix documentary and live album titled ‘Homecoming’ featuring her headlining production at the 2018 festival. This isn’t the first time Queen Bee has dropped some new heat out of the blue that’s made the made Beehive and world go buzzing. She’s also great at releasing visual content to compliment her musical magic and this time is no different as she drops a full length documentary about her iconic show.

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella
Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella

Most concerts from A-list artists will have great musical programming throughout the show. You can tell by the transitions between tracks, just as you would in a DJ set. Typically when a band is involved, it’s acceptable for there to be silence between tracks or to have the performer interact with the crowd in between songs while the band leader counts in the next song. Special attention should be given to bands (and orchestras) that can seamlessly weave in and out of tracks. This is a big part of why the ‘Homecoming’ is so impressive. Beyoncé has her musicians on point, from the drum line to the dancers using their bodies to create sound by stepping (think Stomp The Yard), to her all black orchestra incorporating songs by C Murder and Outkast into the set.

‘Homecoming’ incorporates live remixes of her songs such as when the orchestra performs Trophies by Drake while Beyoncé sings Diva. You’ll find word play as she flips her famous “surfboard” line in Drunk in Love with Swag Surfin. She even produced chopped & screwed versions of her songs as a tribute to her southern roots residing from Houston, Texas and showed love to the legendary Pimp C. DJ Khaled gives her an honorary drop, claiming that Coachella is should be renamed “Beechella” followed by several air horns. There is no denying that this set demonstrated incredible musicality with an edgy and often vulnerable style. It is a performance that many people of all musical backgrounds can enjoy and contains elements of many different styles of music. DJs can pick up a thing or two on how to take a listener on a musical journey.

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