DJ Cavon "The Grandmaster" DJ Cavon "Rocking The House"

Turn Up Saturday Nights At Henry VIII October 13th

Wassup my Bermie peeps, come and hang out with me & the grown and mature people this Saturday night @ King Henry VIII Pub & Restaurant and have some real fun. Finally a place where you can have clean fun and jam to the latest & old R&B jams! Finally a spot in Bermuda were you can here a lot of R&B music both old & new jams. I also play other genres of music but R&B is first and foremost and that was how it use to be back in the day!



Bring your wife, husband or your sweetheart, to chill out in a great environment.  The whole island is already talking about this new and improved place to jam with DJ Cavon “The Grandmaster”

Come early and stay late and enjoy it with you better half. Its the Former DJ Of Flavors Discotheque from back in the day.

I will see y’all there !!

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