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Turn Up Saturday Nights At Henry VIII May 19th

FIRST OF ALL .. I like to take this time to BIGUP! my man DJ Uncle who has shown up at Henry’s a couple of times and given support for both this past Saturday and the one before that, it really meant a lot to hear from you uncle that I was doing a great job by bringing an old school and new school favor to Saturday nights. He went onto say that he was getting great feed back about the change from other people in Bermuda themselves. Thank you DJ Uncle for real bro !! You got my respect 100%..

So check it out..just so that my Bermie people know what’s going on, just recently Bermuda government has started to enforced and rightly so operating procedures on ALL RESTAURANTS in Bermuda with a restaurant liquor license to stop performing and acting like a so called nightclub with a restaurant liquor license. There are certain restrictions between both licenses so to make a long story short we are forced to close at 12 midnight. Regardless of any rumors which Bermudians are famous for spreading, until that is sorted out that will be the time I will stop playing on Saturdays until further notice. I will leave topic just like that, so with that said I CONTINUE to invite you to join me performing at Henry VIII Restaurant & Pub where I present “Turn Up Saturday Nights with the latest Top 40 music, Dance, House, Hip Hop, New & Old School R&B, Reggae & Soca Jams.

My advice is to come earlier, because it is a short and early event but a great time for those that do not want to be out all hours in the night. Again bring your wife or husband or even you hanging out buddies and indulge in good food and great music.

Come earlier all my followers!

Again if you haven’t been to Henry on a Saturday nights you got to come to see for yourselves. Thank all those that continue to come and support the change there.


Also introducing there are Ciroc Specials for a low $10.00 Special Drinks in all kind of flavors, Mango, Pineapple, Red Berry, Coconut, Peach, & French Vanilla and regular flavor !! Be sure to ask the bartenders about these specials, and make sure ya’ll tip them…lol !

Bring your wife or husband or your boo, and enjoy a mature vibe.  The whole island is already talking about the new vibe and improved place to jam with DJ Cavon “The Grandmaster”

The music is of a mixed genre so its a guaranteed you will hear what you like and if not I am very approachable and would never turn down a request. You will find less talking, more music, a mature crowd, and this is a free event all night long. I am asking for more of my old heads to come out and hang to support me. You don’t have to come every week but come show me love occasionally and reminisce the good old days when I take you back musically.

Come early and stay late and enjoy it with you better half. Its the Former DJ Of Flavors Discotheque from back in the day.

I will see y’all there !!


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