DJ Cavon "The Grandmaster" DJ Cavon "Rocking The House"

Turn Up Saturday Nights At Henry VIII Feb 10th


So check it out, if you haven’t been to Henry VIII on a Saturday nights you got to come to see for yourselves.  Bring your man or your girl and enjoy a mature vibe.  The whole island is already talking about the new vibe and improved place to jam with  DJ Cavon “The Grandmaster”


Support Henry VIII who caters to a lot of local talent in Bermuda on different nights, (which I can’t say for a lot of businesses in Bermuda) so if anything come to support the business and show them your appreciation. YOU FEEL ME !!!! ??? 

Come early and stay late and enjoy it with you girl, or your man, or a friend. Its the Former DJ Of Flavors Discotheque from back in the day (you haven’t even heard that word in a while, so you know I’m Old School …Ha.Ha.Ha. I promise you a great time.


There is no excuse, come out and enjoy it.. I will see y’all there !!


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