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Turn Up Saturday Nights At Henry VIII April 14th

Let me just say last week Saturday was LITT !!!

Well let me just say, last Saturday gone was totally off the chain! King Henry VIII was slamming!  Thank you everyone that came for Turn Up Saturday Nights last week and every week when they can, and I must say that Bermudians have stepped up and shown tons of support. Thank you very much.

Finally have a chance to hang with a mature crowd, mature music, you don’t have to look over your shoulders for craziness, great drinks specials (lower prices), lots of beautiful well dress people, great food, need I go on??? What else do you need ? Again if you haven’t been to Henry on a Saturday nights you got to come to see for yourselves.


Also introducing Ciroc Specials for a low $10.00 Special Drinks in all kind of flavors, Mango, Pineapple, Red Berry, Coconut, Peach, & French Vanilla and regular flavor !! Be sure to ask the bartenders about these specials, and make sure ya’ll tip them…lol !

Bring your wife or husband or your boo, and enjoy a mature vibe.  The whole island is already talking about the new vibe and improved place to jam with me DJ Cavon “The Grandmaster”

The music is of a mixed genre so its a guaranteed you will hear what you like and if not I am very approachable and would never turn down a request. You will find less talking, more music, a mature crowd, and this is a free admission all night long. I am asking for more of my old heads to come out and hang to support me. you dont have to come every week but come and reminisce the good old days when I take you back musically.

Come early and stay late and enjoy it with you better half. Its the Former DJ Of Flavors Discotheque from back in the day (you haven’t even heard that word in a while, so you know I’m Old School …Ha.Ha.Ha. I promise you a great time.

There is no excuse, come out and enjoy it.. I will see y’all there !!


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