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Keep Your Gear Looking Great With The Right Bags & Cases

Just in case you didn’t get the memo Chipped, Dented, Rusted Speakers are Not the move. If you want to collect top dollar, I suggest providing high quality good looking gear. Don’t show up to your gig with half of the knobs on your mixer missing, janky cables, and doubts if your equipment can make it through the night. Every time you are in front of an audience you should think of it as an opportunity to build your clientele and grow your business.

DJ Brickhouse with DDJ SB2

gig is “Just Another Gig”, if these are your thoughts then you should start working on another career path immediately. The appearance of you and your instruments are part of the great 1st impression needed to secure future success. Provide your clients with the best possible experience you can showing them that you’re services are worth every penny they spend. This is the type of mantality that will put more of their pennies in your pocket for years to come. It’s definitely worth the money to pay a little extra for bags that cover your speakers & tripods and carrying cases for all of your other equipment such as your mixers, turntables, cdjs, controllers, wireless mics, ect. Also take the time to wrap your cables properly using the “Over Under Method” and securing them with cable ties.  These tips will help you reduce the inevitable wear & tear keeping your gear looking great longer. My preferred brands are Gator and Odessy but please do some research and choose what works best for you before you Throw It In The Bag.

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