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Got Vinyl?!…. What’s the Jive on Where You’re Digging for 12’s & 45’s?

Now days it seems as if the desire to hunt for Vinyl records and bring back the nostalgia to being a DJ is on the rise. Fun Fact… Did you know that MyMP3Pool officially started in 2002 as a vinyl record pool called  “Earwax Record Pool”?! In the beginning they distributed vinyl and cds from 2002 until 2007 to local radio stations, clubs, and mobile DJs in Southern California. 


I remember having my first record digging experience back in 2015. My friend DJ FathaRamzee founder of the #45Bandits took me to a place called The Thing in New York. I’ve never seen so many records before in my whole life. You’ll need at least an 8 hour day here and a mask for the dust.  In the front it’s just an ordinary thrift store but in the back and downstairs it’s like a gold mind for any vinyl junkie. You can find so many gems there from old school hip hop, disco, motown, r&b, rare songs from the 70s & 80’s, 1990’s hits, even 1950’s & 60’s classics. It will definitely take you some time to sort through the thousands of boxes of records there but I guarantee you’ll be excited about what you find. They have really great prices too including $1 sales. Thrift Stores are usually great places to find good vinyl especially internationally. I was amazed at what vintage finds I discovered once at a little thrift store in Belgium. Yard Sales can also be a great way to get some Sweet Soul Music to fill your crates for a bargain. When all else fails and you really need to get your vinyl fix you’d be surprised at what Treasure is hiding in granny’s closets haha. Once you start building your collection, you can manage it using Discogs. Discogs is a website that allows you to track your collection & wish lists, as well as Buy & Sell in the marketplace. I hope to run into you on a record digging excursion soon or even at a vinyl culture event like Mobile Mondays. Keep Spinnin Around 

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