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Champ or Trash Talker – Which Are You?

It’s the day after the Super Bowl and Facebook is full of victory memes, trash talk and “what if” quarterbacking. Many folks in New England are playing the blame game; poor defense, the refs, etc. I saw a few Pat’s fans actually congratulating the Eagles on a game well played. Yes, I’m a Pats fan since 1985. Back when we went against the Bears and I say good for the Eagles.

Why? They earned it. Both teams played hard and in the end the Eagles fought harder. What does this have to do with our profession? A lot. When you’re at a large banquet venue with several events happening do you go around and introduce yourself (like a champ)? Do you extend your hand as a true professional or do you stand at the doorway and critique the other DJ’s set up and music choice (like a trash talker)?

What about your own events? Do you celebrate your failures and learn from them (like a champ)? Do you blame the staff, guests or other vendors when things don’t go well (like a trash talker)? The overall success of your business depends on how much effort you put into practicing, learning and growing. Equally important are personal qualities like integrity, reputation, humility and grace (like a champ).

It’s comes down to ownership. Champions own their successes as much as they own up to their failures. Trash Talkers just shift the blame around. A champion does their job to the best of their ability each and every time. Trash Talkers just make excuses. Not every event is going to be an amazing home run; but if you give it your best effort the failures aren’t so hard to take and they happen less frequently.

In New England we have a saying: Do Ya Job! A big part of being the best is bringing out the best in everyone around you. I’m talking about the waitstaff, other vendors, even your clients. Can you honestly say that when you show up at a venue the staff are happy to see you or are they secretly rolling their collective eyes and saying;”OMG, not this guy again”?
Be a Champ!

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